Delicious Budget drives in Europe


When one plans a road trip, it is usually about the spectacular scenic routes and major highlights that one gets to experience along the way. But what about doing something different and embark on a trip to discover some of the most beautiful villages in the world with Budget?

Budget customers can easily explore Alberobello, with its conical “Trulli’ buildings in southern Italy; pull over and bask in the laidback atmosphere of Monteverde in Costa Rica, surrounded by cloud forest or even take a pit-stop to wander around the picturesque village of Bourton-on-the-Water in the Cotswolds, England.

These stunning locations have never been easier to visit as Budget offers affordable car hire in more than 120 countries worldwide, from approximately 3,500 locations. Additionally, Budget offers a wide range of models, with a choice of sizes and styles to suit differing requirements.


Fuelling one’s cravings and one’s car doesn’t have to be expensive. Budget offers a wide range of models, with a choice of sizes and styles to suit various requirements. With affordable car rental in approximately 3,500 locations in more than 120 countries, Budget can take us on whatever culinary adventures desired.

With so many mouth-watering destinations to choose from, Budget has complied its top 3 European foodie road trips to help get us and your client started.


1. Cornish Pasties in Cornwall (England)


Cornwall, is picture-perfect with its hidden coves, cobbled lanes and charming farm shops.  Repeatedly named as one of the most scenic driving areas in the world, it will be a feast for the senses! Cornucopia opened recently and is home to the UK’s first Cornish Pasty Heritage Centre, and where Budget road trip goers can indulge in the regional treat themselves!


2. Prosciutto and Parmesan in Emilia-Romagna (Italy)


 If the thought of Prosciutto di Parma, Parmesan cheese and balsamic vinegar turn you weak at the knees, then Italy is the place for a Budget self-guided drive! The Emilia-Romagna region is famous for some of the richest, most delicious foods in the cities of Parma, Modena and Bologna. And besides these delectable fares, the diversity of the region between the mountains and the sea offers visitors breath-taking views of the region. And on top of all this, Emilia Romagna is also a hotbed for music, cinema and art appreciated nationally and internationally.  


3. Custard Tarts in Porto (Portugal)


With car windows rolled down, we’ll be able to experience some of Portugal’s stunning neo-classical architecture and natural vistas, stopping to immerse ourselves in the region’s food and wine of Portugal. Porto is an obvious starting point, famed for its fortified wine, custard tarts and fresh produce. What better way to start the road trip in Portugal than with a picnic basket of appetising food and beverage to accompany us along the way! Just take it easy on the wine, but it also gives us a reason to sojourn and spend the night in a Pousada or a Manor or in other unique luxury Portuguese lodging!


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